Saturday, 31 March 2012

Installing Dell Webcam Central Software

I have a little Dell 1018 Netbook, although it has a webcam installed the ‘Dell Webcam Central’ software was missing.  I thought it would be a simply job to download the software from Dell but it wasn’t straight forward at all. In fact trying to find the software was a total nightmare, so I thought I’d record how I got Dell Webcam Central working.

First job was to make sure the webcam was listed in device manager and the driver was up-to-date. It was.  This is important to check because we don’t want the driver files that come with the download I'm about to show you.

There are many forums with users bemoaning the loss of Webcam Central and having great difficulty reinstalling it. The best advice and a link to download the file, was on the Dell Community Forum  

Or you can go straight to the files you need to download here

It seems that Dell don't offer the software as a single download but as part of a download for specific monitors or laptops.  I managed a work around and that is what I want to show you.

I got to work and created a restore point before downloading the file – it's always a good idea to create a restore point before doing anything to your computer, then if you mess up it's easy to restore.

When the file above is downloaded it will ask you if you want to 'run' the file or save it. Please save it as running the file takes you to a set up file that we want to bypass.

Once the file was saved it was time to run the set up for Webcam Central only.  The original download was saved in C:\dell\drivers\R230103 and in this main folder is a set up file. ***  DO NOT use this file!  ***

You only want to install Webcam Central so double click on the folder DWCentral.  From there you will see another a set up file and this is the one you want.

This will install the webcam central software without installing or altering the webcam drivers already installed on your computer.  Once the computer is restarted Dell Webcam Central should be available to you.

And there it is, hope that helps.

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